Probiotics are live microorganisms that can confer a health benefit when administered in the right amounts.

You can get probiotics directly from food, or you can take supplements. However, food is the best way to get them because you ensure better absorption.

Here are four creative ways you can add probiotics to your diet without using supplements:

  1. Use yogurt. You can eat it straight out of the container, add it to oats to make it extra creamy, or add it to a smoothie.

2. Drink kombucha. This is a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast. You will find it in different brands and can drink it straight out of the bottle or mix it with other drinks to make a spritzer.

3. Eat fermented vegetables. You can add them to sandwiches, rice, on top of your source of protein, or with crackers. Kimchi is a great example of a fermented plate.

4. Try kefir. It's a fermented drink made from grains, and you can add it to smoothies and oats or make overnight oats with it instead of using milk.

What else should you know about probiotics intake?

We imagine you have many other questions about how to incorporate probiotics into your diet or how often it is safe to take them. After interviewing registered dietitian, Lissette Llamas, we were able to answer these questions for you.

Lisette specializes in diabetes, weight, and heart management. Connect with her through Kounsel's website or mobile app.

How often should you take probiotics?

It depends on every individual and on what each person wants to improve. You can check out the International and Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics website for recommendations about how to choose probiotics for you and in what amounts.

Are probiotics and prebiotics the same?

They are not the same. Prebiotics are a substrate selectively utilized by host microorganisms conferring health benefits, and they are food for probiotics that feed healthy bacteria.

And as we explained above, probiotics are microorganisms that can positively affect your health, especially your digestive system.

Where can you get prebiotics from?

Prebiotics are very easy to get from foods, so there is no need to get them from supplements. They help improve digestion and mineral absorption, increase energy levels, and regulate blood sugar.

Some prebiotic food sources are asparagus, artichoke, almonds, apples, peaches, onion, garlic, bananas, and oats.


How do you know if probiotic supplements are doing their work?

The answer to this question will depend on what you want to achieve with probiotics. For better digestion, it will take about 3 to 4 weeks to start experiencing some benefits with food. If you're using supplements, about a month, for example.

When should you see a dietitian?

Anyone interested in working on bettering their health should see a specialist. Even if you are healthy and feeling great, you can see a dietitian to help you continue working on keeping healthy habits. You can find a wide variety of dietitians ready to help you with anything related to nutrition and wellness on Kounsel.

Key takeaways

The best way to add probiotics into your diet is through food because you ensure better absorption.

Remember to research supplements and which are the ideal amounts for you to take, and seek the help of a professional to discover what works best for you.

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