It’s the time of year for holiday baking and holiday parties and then we reset with A New Year’s Resolution.  According to an article published by the number #1 resolution for last year and nearly every year is to eat healthier.  Why because we’ve overindulged in sugar and fat since Halloween, that’s 90 days of eating poorly.  And baby it’s cold outside no one wants to go outside and exercise.  I want to delve into popular resolutions, provide some tips on how to keep those resolutions and share my resolution for 2023.

New year’s resolution #1 “to get healthy”

The most popular resolutions are eating better, losing weight, drinking more water, and exercising more.  The gym will be packed with excitement but why does that excitement fade?  Let’s face it working out is hard work and often other tasks take priority.  Put your alarm clock across the bedroom so you must get out of bed to turn it off.  Work out first thing in the morning and you will be so proud of yourself all day.  Not only will you have energy for other morning tasks, but you will also fire up your metabolism.

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New year’s resolution #2 “to save money”

A common resolution is to save more money, get our finances in order and follow a budget.  All of these are to help us attain the purchase a new house, send kids to college and travel more. has a list of 25 good tips to help you start learning how to save money.  I like packing your lunch instead of eating out and asking yourself “Do I really need it”.  If you’ve mastered those small steps check out Dave Ramsey, he is a finance personality.  Dave has amazing books and free tools on his website to help you reach your financial goals

Saving for a house
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New year’s resolution #3 “to better myself”

This is a broad resolution, but I like it.  Self-help books, therapists, spending time with family, washing your face, limiting alcohol, getting more sleep and even flossing are all good ways to better yourself.  Wash your face before you climb into bed.  Get all the toxins, makeup, and grime from the day removed.  You will have a better night sleep and end up with less wrinkles down the road.  We all visit the dentist each year and the hygienist will always ask how often you are flossing.  Are we honest maybe but maybe not.  Some of us do go home and start flossing more often until we get busy and need that extra 2 minutes back for something else.  My childhood dentist had a sign that said, “only floss the ones you want to keep”.  Do an internet search for pictures of gingivitis and I bet you floss more.

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New year’s resolution #4 “to get organized”

Everything from the kitchen cupboards, closets, and refrigerator to schedules, email inbox, kids, mealtime, and pets can be organized.  My tips for getting organized are to make a list of what’s most important, do not get overwhelmed, and make organizing a habit.  I love Better Homes & Gardens #1 suggestion is to identify and prioritize.  That is big, I think I can use that for more tasks than just organizing.

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My new year’s resolution “think outside the box”

I always like to think outside the box and come up with little things that make a big impact.  Being kind to others.  You never know what someone else is going through and a stranger, co-worker or family member being kind to them can change their world for the better.  We have two reminders in our house.  Hanging in the kitchen is a tapestry that says, “kind people are the best kind of people”.  A frame in the bathroom says, “one of the best ways you can use your words is to speak blessings over everything around you”.   A few years ago, I had a resolution to write my Grand Mothers’ a note each month and they loved receiving a handwritten note in the mail.  Reading the bible in a year.  This is a tough one you must remember to read each day; it is very rewarding.  Family gratitude jar is a fun way to keep the whole house engaged.  Writing out what you are grateful for on a small piece of paper, folding it up, and placing it in a jar or box are the traditional methods. Taking turns writing what you are grateful for on a chalk board makes it competitive and sparks dinner conversation.  Giving makes a big impact.  Whether you are giving money, time, or personal items you are helping others.  We can give money to our church, school programs or favorite charities.  We can also give our time by volunteering or helping friends, family, and neighbors.  Donating used items to Goodwill after you organized your closet are two reasons to celebrate.

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