A few weeks ago, Kounsel launched its new website, in which you can now benefit from the same functions you could find on the Kounsel App from your smartphone or tablet.

At Kounsel, you can receive help from professionals in different fields, such as mental health, immigration, veterinary, nutrition, and more. With just a few clicks, get in touch with a counselor and start your session.

What new features can you find on the Kounsel website?

Besides creating a more user-friendly design for all users, Kounsel also offers an entirely new website experience that will help connect you with a verified professional.

Find the experts you are looking for through the website’s search bar, which you’ll find as soon as the webpage loads. With this new function, you can locate the counselor you need with only a few clicks. Additionally, there are many ways to contact any counselor: Via chat, video call, hotline, and group sessions.

You can also access previous live interactive events organized by Kounsel and read all of the tips and information on our blog about various topics!

How do you join counseling sessions from the website?

Joining a counseling session through the Kounsel website is as easy as doing so on the mobile app. As we explained, use the search bar to search for the help you need. If you still need to log in, you will be prompted to do so at this point.

Then, you will be able to see all available counselors in that area. You can also filter your results using the options on your left or click on an expert’s profile to learn more about them and when they are available.

Finally, select a date and time convenient to you and meet your counselor! The new Kounsel website is available at www.kounsel.io, be sure to check it out!