Nutrition apps can be very practical for those looking to lose weight, improve their nutrition, or exercise more. So many people today want to improve their lifestyle but feel overwhelmed, which is why nutrition apps have become popular.

However, there are so many options to choose from that you may feel lost when choosing the best app for your needs. There are also a few things to consider because not everyone is the same or wants the same results, such as the fitness level you are looking to achieve and features that are imperative to you.

Therefore, since we recently showed you the best apps for mental health, we want to make it easier for you also in nutrition, so we have selected our top 5 nutrition apps for 2023.


Kounsel is an app that offers hundreds of professionals specializing in diets, nutrition, obesity and weight management, pediatric nutrition, oncology nutrition, and sports dietetics. You don't have to pay a monthly fee; simply pay as you go.


  • No monthly fees; pay only for what you need.
  • Available everywhere in the world.
  • Choose the nutritionist counselor you prefer.
  • Flexibility for sessions.
  • Chat with your counselor at any time without extra charge.
  • Share files, videos, and images with your nutritionist.


Subscription is free. Nutritionist's fees vary but start at $0.01 per minute.


Noom starts by giving you a survey to answer as soon as you enter the app to know what your weight loss goals, lifestyle, gender, height, and current weight are. Once you answer the questions (it takes about 15 minutes to complete), you are given two weeks of access at a minimum price which starts at $0.5. They assure to have helped so far more than 3 million people to lose weight.


  • Thorough survey to determine your profile and goals.
  • They offer an optional coach to accompany you in your weight loss journey for an extra $19.
  • It's more than a weight loss app; they focus a lot on the psychological side of losing weight.
  • Each user has an assigned coach for support during their journey.


You can try Noom for two weeks for as little as $0.5, but after this period, you will have to pay $209 for an entire year subscription, $189 for 8 months, $179 for 6 months, $169 for 4 months, or $129 for 2 months.

Top Nutrition Coaching

This app offers help for weight loss, diabetes management, improving sports performance, healthy pregnancy, and other health issues. They give you a free introductory call you can schedule immediately to speak to a nutritionist and start making progress. As soon as you are paired with a nutritionist, you can begin your weight loss journey.


  • They have nutritionists available worldwide.
  • The matching service is free of charge.
  • Receive personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans.
  • Access to diagnostic testing to identify root causes.
  • Unlimited messaging and support.


Top Nutrition Coaching offers a 2-week free trial, and then they charge between a $150 - $300 monthly fee.


This app focuses on many health services, such as primary care, pediatrics, mental health, dermatology, sexual health, and nutrition. For the latter, they offer assistance from a registered dietitian by phone or video. They help people who want to stay healthy, learn to eat right, or manage a health condition like diabetes or high blood pressure.


  • Available in the US only.
  • Receive a personalized nutrition guide
  • Accept insurance.
  • Specialists available 24/7.
  • You select the nutrition you want to work with.


Teladoc accepts insurance, but you can also pay per consult. Their nutritionist consult costs $99.


MyFitnessPal is an app with a large food database, barcode scanner, calorie counter, restaurant logger, recipe importer, and more. It does not offer nutritionists or consults; it is instead an app you are meant to use on your own to help you lose weight.


  • It's free with in-app purchases.
  • Easy to start.
  • You can connect it with over 50 other apps.
  • Add your own recipes to the app.
  • Online support groups for motivation.


You can use the app for free, but they offer a premium membership for $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year that unlocks features such as detailed food analyses, workout routines, and more.

Find the nutritionist app perfect for your needs

In this modern age, it has become normal to use apps for the services you need, including health and nutrition. But, since there are so many different options, it is wise to evaluate which is right for you and your needs. Head to Kounsel's nutritionists and registered dietitians and start your weight loss journey.